Grounding is helpful in calming the nervous system and reducing feelings of anxiety. It is also an important aspect for restoring and maintaining energy levels.

Support Meditations help the body to receive support from the chair and over time this enables the body to receive support from others and the environment in general.

Breathing is also a portal into the Autonomic Nervous System. We can calm our system by extending the exhalation of each breath. Breathing in to the count of 4 and breathing out to the count of 6.

Dream work and even dreaming has been under-rated in the Western culture. Dreams provide us with invaluable insight into aspects of our self. Paying attention to our dreams is as important as recycling is for the environment. Dreams help us integrate our shadow self (all the aspects we don’t like in others). As a TA therapist I would guide you in the analysis of your dreams should you wish to do so.